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Low Interest Loans With Just Your Phone

We connect the strong cryptocurrency markets for credit in emerging economies to allow anyone equatable access to credit. This means that you get to low to no interest loans in the palm of your hand. As long as you pay back your loans in time, there are no fees or extra interest accrued. 

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We partner with banks / mobile banks so that you only need a phone

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No Prior Lending History Needed, We Help You Build Credit.

By partnering with Nigerian banks and credit bureaus, we help build credit if you have it or help you start a credit score if you don’t. Its simple and can help you get mortgages and other large loans in the long run. With Oban, you don’t have to pay high interest fees to build your credit.

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We Hate Lending Sharks Too!

There are many microfinance providers in Nigeria. But all make users pay high interest because of those who default. We provide a low risk, high reward line of credit.

Customers Testimonials

Customers Testimonials

I was blown away by the low interest rate they provide. I can't wait to see this app in the hands of daily users. 3-5% is nothing like to what other similar service offer.

Clyde Williamson

Demo user
Clyde Williamson

Oban customer support was wonderful. They answered my questions in a matter of seconds. Moreover the platform was very intuitive and simple

Melanie Foltz

Demo User
Melanie Foltz

When using Oban, I knew what I was going into. I wasn't tricked into volatile and hidden interest rates. The agreement contract was simple and easily understandable.

Jess Whitehead

Demo User
Jess Whitehead

I was very impressed by the company service as I am getting better and better deals over time. The more I use it the more it improves my credit scores as well as my payment period

Vernon Ray

Demo User
Vernon Ray

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Get access to the personal loan markets with a click of a button. Use USDC to fund our individual investor pool and claim consistent returns to capital

Connecting DeFi to microfinancing, making lending in crypto productive.

Our lending pools allow for consistent and growing returns to capital for any type of investor.



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