• Oban credit is a microfinancing company in Nigeria that provides the lowest interest rate. All you need to use its service is just a phone

  • Through our simple process, you can get a line of credit to the value of our appraisal. Our lenders provide USDC and this access to high capital markets allows us to provide lower fees and cover costs. No fees, no high interest, no gimmicks.

  • Oban has offices in Nigeria and USA.

  • All you need is a phone and the Oban app. The Oban app can be found on play store and apple store.

  • The appraise amount is dependent on your mobile data. This value can go up-to ₦125000 . If you want exact numbers, you can download our app and get quotes.

  • The initial user verification might take a day or two, but once user is verified, this and subsequent loans take only about 5 minutes.

  • Oban collects as little data as possible. You have complete control over the data that is being collected. You can go to the terms and licenses to see what information is collected.For the small data we collect, we use world-class data security and encryption techniques to protect it. We never share your information with third parties unless it is for dedicated business purposes, such as reporting defaulted loans to authorized credit bureaus. We do not sell your data or credit profile. You are in control.

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